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每一年, 科技的发展都在以我们意想不到的方式, 推动信息的获取,连接我们彼此。自1941年安普成立起,TE Connectivity作为连接领域的领导者,不断推动着科技进步与创新。感谢这些年来我们的员工、客户及合作伙伴与我们一起协作,共同推动创新。欢迎您加入TE Connectivity大家庭,成为实现未来科技创新中的一员。


Closely follow up customer demand change status and evaluate the resources and make a proper production plan to bridge the gap in between, and leverage SAP/software system to maintain an efficient process to continuously improve the Speed and flexibility of Planning, as a result to deliver extraordinary customer experience at lower cost.


Key Responsibilities/Objectives


  Demand/Supply management and Customer order management

1.    Monthly review rolling 12 months demand forecast for the products in charge of and know the capacity planning (equipment)

2.    Monthly work out rolling production planning which cover 3 months for plant middle -term capacity planning (Headcount / Material)

3.    Daily manage customer orders both in DC & plant SAP (i.e. workflow release, customer order acknowledgement, delivery arrangement)


  Production Planning and Production order management

  1. Weekly production planning arrangement by releasing production orders and get alignment with production team in the weekly meeting
  2. Daily monitor the execution of production orders, track and correct the variance to ensure the production plan is on schedule


  Material Planning and Purchase order management

  1. Weekly work on material requirement planning and coordinate with suppliers on the forecast sharing, buffer stock building, material call off at regular base
  2. Regularly release purchase order to internal and external venders for the Material or Components preparation and expedite it closely if any special case


  KPI Management for the products in charge of

  1. Delivery performance management to ensure STR/STS to customer to reach TEOA target
  2. Inventory management to ensure inventory turns to reach TEOA target
  3. Manage logistics cost at an economic way at daily execution to balance the speed and the cost
  4. Lead time improvement and deliver extraordinary customer experience


1.      Bachelor degree

2.      Good  communication skills within team;

3.      More than 2-3 years experience at MPS,  or production planning  or material planning

      at international manufacturing company

4.      Demonstrated ability to identify root cause, drive improvement actions and resolve problems.

5.      Import & Export experience would be a benefit

6.      Good SAP knowledge and practice

7.      Good Excel / office software


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