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每一年, 科技的发展都在以我们意想不到的方式, 推动信息的获取,连接我们彼此。自1941年安普成立起,TE Connectivity作为连接领域的领导者,不断推动着科技进步与创新。感谢这些年来我们的员工、客户及合作伙伴与我们一起协作,共同推动创新。欢迎您加入TE Connectivity大家庭,成为实现未来科技创新中的一员。


TE Connectivity’s IT Operations Teams support hardware installation and configuration and ongoing maintenance of the computer/data center. They monitor batch schedules and take actions as necessary in response to schedule problems or abnormal program terminations and manage tape backups, including physical tape handling; coordinate, diagnose and troubleshoot employee issues with personal computers and related systems; provide support services to employees with technical problems and information technology issues involving desktop, laptop or network services from local personnel or from employees using network remote access. TE’s IT Operations Teams provide timely resolution of problems or escalation on behalf of customer to appropriate technical personnel. They develop, document, and implement standard operating procedures and customer service guidelines relating to remote IT support. At times they may monitor and troubleshoot equipment and assist with logging and documentation, cabling, racking, and server installations.


Position Description: 

Provide system technical support to users PC hardware and software support 

Troubleshoot problem in a timely and accurate fashion 

Provide end user training and assistance

Position Qualifications/Competencies: 

Familiar with PC-based applications include Microsoft Windows 7/10, Microsoft Office (outlook, skype, excel...) Responsible, team player, self-motivated and able to work independently

Additional - Preferred: Good command of English speaking and writing Majored in Electrical/Computer on university


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